Becoming a Lunatic– Full Moon Insomnia

Moon time

The moon is waxing and will soon be full but I don’t need to look up at the sky or read a moon calendar to tell me this– I just know intuitively. Each month as the moon becomes full I become an insomniac. I don’t know when this trend started but I first really took note of it during my last couple years of college. It was fun in college to walk around campus when no one else was awake and all was quiet. One time on a moonlit walk an owl dove in front of me and swooped up a mouse. Another time I sat and drank coffee with my favorite public safety officer while he told me stories about our college from when he was a student, many decades before. So what do I do now when I wake up at 3am and can’t sleep?

My first order of business this morning was to make myself some tea some nice minty tea that I thought might help me fall back to sleep. Once the tea was made I settled in on the comfy couch for a while and read some Harry Potter. After a while I decided I wasn’t going back to bed and turned on the computer. I don’t like to use the computer when I can’t sleep because I think the lights and the nature of it just encourages insomnia to continue but here I am. Hopefully my lack of sleep doesn’t screw up my schedule too much. I’m a solid 11pm bedtimer though and usually I get my schedule when the moon starts waning again.  Be sure to check out the full moon this weekend!



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