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Holy Springs!

Before coming here I had never seen a fresh water spring bubble out the ground.  At first glace it looks sort of like what I imagine a volcano looks like from above.  The water is super cold before it is coming from deep underground and is crystal clear and plenty of people drink straight from them.  I have a theory that if you were to step in one that you would get sucked into the earth. Jamie, an ex-work/study now board member who is my favorite adventure partner, and I decided to test this theory.

Instead of just jumping on in and hoping for the best we found a large piece of wood that is most likely from the old spring cooling shed that was on the property decades ago.  The plank was about 4 feet long. Below are the results:

As you can see it goes down pretty gosh darn far.  Feeling adventurous I decided to stick my arm down. Laying on my stomach, I reached my arm into the cold, bubbling sand.  Just above the elbow it started to feel like I was being pulled in. For real.  Jamie pulled me back by my feet. I hope I never step in one of those by accident. They sure are magical but who knows what would happen if you hopped on in.

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