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Oh Christmas Carboy, oh Christmas Carboy….

Please enjoy some last minute crafting additions to our house for a little festive holiday cheer!


For the Christmas Carboy I simply decorated Jamie’s gnome hat from Halloween with evergreen sprigs and a nice garland I made by gluing pinecones and stringing beads on a piece of fat yarn.  I then plopped it on one of our carboys that isn’t in use, and placed it with another spruce sprig on Jamie’s tiny chair over a coffee sack.  I also taped a flashlight in the opening of the carboy so you can light it up at night and added a stained glass decoration that came with our house. Voila– now we have a place for gifts!

For the Canning Jar Snowman I stuffed an old lacy curtain that came with the house into a half gallon jar.  I then made a little top hat with cardboard, glue, and some pinecones and spruce sprigs.  I fitted the hat onto a regular mouth pint jar, tucked some of the lace into that jar too and lightly glued the jars together so he won’t fall apart but I will be able to peel them apart after the holidays.  I added a chunky yarn scarf and some pinecone buttons and I had myself a snowman!  It took no more than 20 minutes from dreaming it up to final product.

Happy Holidays!

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Photos and Ice Cream!

In the News:

Remember last winter when I posted about making snow ice cream?  Well compare my blog post (from January) to this post on  today and I think you will be amused like I am– the pictures are practically the same!  Different recipes but same general idea.

The verdict is out: Snow ice cream is awesome and best eaten out of glasses with blue rims!

Photos of Draco and Solstice fun:

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Snow Day Ice Cream

AKA: The Perfect Snow Day Treat

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