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Vegetables of Summer Labor

During the growing season I packed away a couple hundred jars of fruits, vegetables, veggie stocks, salsas, jams, apple sauces, and various other edibles.  Those jars combined with potatoes and squash we harvested, which hide under my bed where temperatures are cooler, have made it significantly easier for me to live cheaply and luxuriously this winter.  As I slowly use my stores of food I have been making note of which foods I have enjoyed and which I could do without.

Canned Peaches:  In light syrup, heavy syrup, and honey.  All have been amazing.
Corn:  Plain with no salt. It was pressure canned. Still perfectly sweet!
Apple cider:  At some point we couldn’t eat or drink any more apples and so canned apple cider was born!
Peach salsa: Delicate, spicy, and still crisp. Also, its very pretty.
Dilly Beans:  My first canning project!  Everything in the jar is perfectly dilly!
Dilly Carrots: Crispy, unique, and addictive
Dill Pickles: Super spicy, crispy, and celery seedy
Unsweetened Apple Sauce: Smooth and sweet and fantastic!
Yukon Potatoes: stored in a paper bag, under my bed. Yummmmm.
Garlic: stored wonderfully and it nice and spicy!
Butternut and Acorn squash: Yummmmmmmm! Keeping well in a box under my bed!
Marinara Sauce: Sweet and thick! Perfect!
Tomato Sauce: Garlic, spicy, and way better than store bought.
Dried Apples:  SO GOOD. Sweet and crunchy and freaking awesome.
Honey!  We got about a dozen quarts from one hive and it is really unique tasting and perfect for tea and baking
Pickled Beets: Good to the last one. And then beyond because the onions and garlic inside are great too.
Dried Lemon Balm: Still delicious. Makes a nice soothing cup of tea!

Less than Awesome:
Sweet Pickles: These would probably be awesome if I liked cloves
Octobers’ Salsa: It’s gross. Tomatoes were overripe.
Green Salsa: Very unflavorful.  Better with fresh garlic and onions added in.
Summer Ferment: It wasn’t done fermenting when we canned it and now it this weird gross, salty mix
Cinnamon Apple Sauce: One time I burnt some apple sauce and thought adding cinnamon would cover up the burnt taste.  It didn’t.
Peach jam: Far too sweet. And not in a sweeeeeeet man kind of way.
Red potatoes:  They didn’t store well and instead grew impressive sprouts.
“Smokey” Marinara: Another burnt thing that got canned.  I am learning my lesson about this…
Whatever they are orange squash:  I think they are actually just under ripe acorn squash. Obviously then they are not delicious.

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Pickling– more photos!

Since taking the class I have become decently obsessed with pickling and canning.  I have pickled garlic scapes, green beans, and beets so far.  I love it. It’s easy and fun and makes for a nutritious snack later on. Here are some pictures:

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Pickling– a teaser!



Yesterday I took a pickling class with the Folk School.  We pickled carrots, garlic scapes, and green beans!

More to come later!

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