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Growing up I never had a pet. This is crazy to some people but I swear, I never once had a pet. No fish, hamsters, cats, dogs, llamas, turtles… none.  In the past few years however I have come to the realization that I love dogs.  It all started when I dated someone with a dog. A big one. A big, loveable, snuggly one. After meeting him it was like a part of my brain opened up that I never knew existed. All of a sudden I found myself being one of those people who can’t help but talk to peoples pets everywhere I go. It’s such a joy to be staying on a farm with so many animals, especially two truly wonderful dogs that always want to play. I am saying all this to justify the fact that I am now going to post pictures of the corgis, Freddie and Dolly. Enjoy. I know I do!

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Annie’s Hiking Club!


The farm where I live has 3 horses, 2 goats, a couple dozen chickens, 6 cows, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a ton of wildlife. The dogs, Freddie and Dolly, and the goats, Abe and Lily, are my favorites.  One day while everyone else was out I decide to go on a hike with all my special friends.  I put Abe on a leash and everyone else just followed.  We went to the creek, through the woods, up the driveway, and all around the pastures. What a grand adventure!

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