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A CaCAWphony of Crows


(Click to enlarge then zoom in!)


Do you see them?  No, your computer screen is not dirty– those are birds!  Crows to be exact!  As I walked home from work at the middle school last night I witnessed this large and beautiful murder of crows flying over head.  And the noise?  It was a caCAWphony.

Anyone who has known me for a long period of time knows crows are my favorite animal.  I have loved them ever since high school when I was lucky to study them in depth.  A mentor of mine took me under his wing (eh ehh…) and let me help with crow studies both through his class at my HS and his class at Boston College.  It was such an exciting and formative experience for me.  Thanks to Dr. Auger, if you are out there! Ever since then I have been enamored with them.  They are beautiful, intelligent, and resilient beings.  Crows form bonds with one another, make and use tools, and learn to recognize people.  The crows outside in my parent’s neighborhood on Cape Cod got so accustomed to me throwing peanuts out to them in high school (which they were able to shell on their own!) that they would fly to our roof when they saw me walking home from school.  Many cultures have superstitions or omens surrounding crows, most of which are negative, but when I hear or see crows I take it as a call to consciousness.  When crows are near me it brings me back to myself and helps me put thoughts into perspective.  I looked for them again today as I was walking home but there were none to be seen and that just makes it all the more magical.

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